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The Groom’s Guide to Great Photos

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In an industry so focused on brides, it’s all too often that the groom is not given enough attention on a wedding day. We frequently get asked by our couples how the groom can stand out more & what he should wear, so we created this groom’s guide blog post for all the gentlemen out there as your wedding day approaches.

1. Buy a Properly Fitted Suit

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s all too often that we see baggy attire on grooms or groomsmen. Please, invest in yourself on your wedding day and get your suit custom fitted! It makes all the difference, and can be the make or break between you looking like you borrowed your dad’s suit jacket.

2. Don’t Wear a Pre-Tied Bowtie

There are millions of YouTube videos that teach you how to tie a bowtie, gents. Take the time to learn if you don’t know how! This is a simple, yet big mistake we see that can make you appear like you’re a teen going to prom, rather than a handsome groom on your wedding day. Check out The Tie Bar if you’re looking for a unique find (like the bowtie in these photos!) to spice up your wedding day look!

3. Remember Your Accessories

We always hear about veils, necklaces, rings, high heels – but what about the men? Don’t slack on your accessories on your wedding day. It’s not just about your tie & pocket square, there are SO many more great options! Remember to consider your shoes, socks, watch, boutonniere, and belt as well. These are easy ways to add your own personal touches and really up your groom game!

We hope this groom’s guide gives you more confidence in your wedding day style! Here’s to the grooms; you deserve to stand out, too!


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