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Get constructive criticism on what's working & what you could improve


Walk through a guided program that will challenge you to grow in your business


Spend half a year working one-on-one with experts in the industry


Imagine if you could...

Are you a creative small business owner? Maybe you're yearning to quit your 9-5 to pursue your dream of being self-employed full time. Or maybe you've already taken that leap of faith, but can't quite figure out what you need to do to become profitable & get your business on a targeted path to success. If this is you, you're in the right place, friend!

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10+ years of business expertise

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Friends, we're creatives. Whether you're a photographer, florist, planner, or artist - chances are you started your business because you loved the art you create. Well...if you're anything like us, you got into self-employment without an MBA or any professional sales or marketing training. Right?!

We've taken what we've learned throughout the years and broken it down into six modules - guiding you down an intentional path for this program that will challenge you to focus on the things that truly matter. We'll talk about money, sales, & marketing, & that's just the beginning! 

The 6 Month Coaching Program Designed to Change your Life.

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What's included:

You've Got Dreams. we'll help you get there.


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"After each move I made since starting the program I have been reassured it was the right one, so it's taught me to be confident in myself and to pursue opportunities I had been hesitant in making previously. The program taught me various ways to stay consistent in the content I was producing, the experience I was giving, and work I was putting into my business...and it has been so worth it!"

I run my business SO much better than before!



here's what

Although it can be scary, it doesn't mean your dream isn't worth chasing! We are teachers at heart, & nothing makes us happier than to see our students blossom from being worried about their next paycheck coming in - to confident, radiant professionals that are totally owning their niche! 

With our 10+ years of industry experience, we  take the guessing game out of self-employment for other creatives & help them fly. them

This can be a very intimidating number - one that can cause enough fear within many people to never pursue their dream & instead, stick with their steady 9-5 paycheck every two weeks. 

We get it. BUT! We're here as living proof to tell you that it is possible to chase your dreams, friend. 

Roughly             of small businesses fail within the first five years of opening.



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two hour one-on-one zoom call

chapter one of our handbook


Month 1 will focus on the big picture. We'll uncover your biggest pain points in your business, evaluate your short and long term goals, & discuss a general overview of your current business. After the hard work is done, it's time for fun! We'll break the ice in our first meeting to make sure you're completely comfortable with us moving forward. 

The Big Picture

Module one

two hour one-on-one zoom call

chapter two of our handbook


Month 2 will focus on all things website related. We will take a deep look at each section of your website and determine how efficiently you are reaching your target market. You'll get customized tips as we walk through each page on how to concisely portray your message, highlight your strengths, & make your ideal clients excited about what you have to offer!

Website Review

Module two

two hour one-on-one zoom call

chapter three of our handbook


Month 3 will focus on evaluating the current packages and pricing you offer. We will take a look at what you're currently making in your business, and where you'd like to be. We break down each package to find the areas of improvement, and tweak sales techniques to help you more confidently and consistently book your dream clients! 

Package Audit

Module three

two hour one-on-one zoom call

chapter four of our handbook


Month 4 will focus on your current marketing strategy. We will look at all of your social media accounts, and formulate a sustainable and focused plan of action. There are a lot of ways to spend money in the marketing world. This month, we'll talk about the ones that we have found most beneficial to growing our business long term!

Marketing Intensive

Module four

two hour one-on-one zoom call

chapter five of our handbook


Month 5 will focus on digging deeper. It's so important to know why you started your business, what inspires you, and why you truly want this business to succeed. This month, we will help you uncover the answers to those tricky questions, and talk about the importance of authenticity to your audience. 

Digging Deeper

Module five

two hour one-on-one zoom call

chapter six of our handbook


Month 6...we finally made it! This month will focus on two things: a BIG celebration of all the awesome progress you've made in the last half year, and where you want to go next! We will do a recap of your business as it was 6 months ago, and discuss the things you've implemented since then. You've come a long way, friend! Time to party!

Celebrating Wins

Module six

LDT Photography


"From updating my website to restructuring my offerings, to working towards being more profitable - all of these areas needed some work to really elevate my brand, messaging, and business. Sometimes it just takes someone else's expertise to analyze what should be tweaked and what may work best to improve in each area."

The program has helped my business in many ways!


don't worry, we have the answers!

YOU MIGHT have questions

We love helping creatives free their minds from the business side of things that often get pushed aside - otherwise known as the "boring" parts of running your business. As creatives, we like to CREATE. Running a business, however...takes much more than that. Our program is intentionally laid out to take you on a journey - money, sales, marketing, & more, in a personalized format delivered to you that won't be overwhelming! 

Ok, friend...let's be honest. Have you ever purchased an online course that you've never finished? Maybe...never even started?! We know our hands are raised over here. GUILTY! While online courses can certainly be great, we know that the material we will cover over the next six months will require your focus & long-term dedication. This is why we offer our program in a one-on-one approach, with a guided handbook that is released chapter by chapter each month as we go. That way, you can focus on what we're working on each month without being overwhelmed. This allows our students to keep their motivation to continue, & at the end of 6 look back in awe at all they've accomplished!

Since our program is focused on the business side of things, we believe our material can be applicable to any creative small business owner! We most commonly work with photographers/videographers & businesses in the wedding industry, however we have had the opportunity to work with other small businesses as well! Please inquire if you're unsure if our program would work for you specifically; we'd be happy to chat!

Each month, we will schedule a two hour business meeting. This takes place via video call, & each call will be scheduled a month in advance. At the end of our calls, you'll receive action items to work on before our next meeting. The benefit of working with a coach one-on-one is that we're able to give personalized advice to your current situation. With that being said, it makes this answer hard to answer because each student will be in a different place. We will say, however, that there is no "required" time commitment in our program outside of our monthly calls. The amount of work you put in before our next call is completely up to you!

We don't like to use the word "homework" for our program, because we don't currently have mandatory steps for our students to complete before each meeting. We fully understand that your life involves MUCH more than your business. Our goal in this program is to be able to help a diverse range of people without our students feeling overwhelmed, or our program seeming like a school class that they don't have time for. At the end of each chapter, we give action items that are highly recommended to complete before our next call together. We may also recommend other things to improve on, since this is a one-on-one program & we take a look at each student's current offerings & structure. With that being said - you get what you put into this, friend. We do not require anything to be done before each call & our #1 goal is to make this doable for you and where you are in life!

We certainly don't want you to feel pressured! Know, without a doubt, that our priority is serving our students in the best way we can! If you think now might not be the right time for you - you can certainly wait! We just want to let you know that due to the nature of our program being SO hands-on, we are only able to select a limited number of students each time our program opens. Also, since it is a six month program...doors only open twice a year! We spent years in our business debating on the investment of business coaching and one day we realized that it takes money to make money. Once we made the leap and invested in our own business coaching, the only complaint we had was that we wish we'd done it sooner! Whether it's now, or later, friend...we promise that investing in a personal advocate for your dreams in your business will be a financial decision you WON'T regret! We hope to hear from you soon! Cheering you on, friend!

Hey there, friend! We're Elizabeth & George - a husband and wife photo & video team passionate about capturing the world as beautifully created in God's image, & helping creatives find work life balance that allows them to work to live...not the other way around.

Together, we're the anchor and the sail - the perfect pair. From the day we met, God has been working on our hearts and inspiring a lifelong devotion to one another that only continues to grow with each passing day. Both of us are far from where we once pictured ourselves, but looking back, we couldn't imagine life happening any other way. 

Now, we have the privilege of traveling all around the globe capturing life's beauty, & encouraging others to make the courageous choice to pursue their dreams.

Thanks to our business, we enjoy a life that we love with our three beautiful girls & a work-life balance that couldn't be found anywhere else! 

Thanks for hopping over to our little corner of the internet, friend! We're so excited to help you grow your business!


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