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The Essential Wedding Details Shot List

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In a world of breathtaking wedding detail shots on social media, it can sometimes seem a bit unattainable on your wedding day. Right? WRONG! Brides & photographers, this post is for you both! We’re sharing our essential wedding details shot list; complete with a list of items to have ready on your wedding day, and the beautiful images you can make with them. Let’s get started!

1. The Invitation Suite

This is so, so essential to capture! We always recommend to our brides that they invest in their invitation suites. Handwritten calligraphy has such a beautiful elegance about it that can’t be beat. At a bare minimum, even if they don’t invest in a calligrapher for all of their invitations, we recommend hiring someone to create at least one invitation to be photographed like this incredible suite, created by the lovely Dominique Alba.

Pro tip #1: ask the florist to bring a few loose florals & greenery for your detail shots as well! 

2. The Rings

Obviously the rings will be a part of wedding day detail shots, but here are a few tips that many people don’t think about! The photographer will need ALL three rings for the detail photos (this means coordinating with the groom and the best man!) to make sure they are in the bridal suite when it’s time for detail shots.

It’s also a great addition to get a ring box so that your ring stands upright in photos. The Mrs. Box sells beautiful ring boxes in so many colors!

Pro tip #2: make sure to get your engagement ring professionally cleaned before your wedding day! 

3. The Bride & Groom’s Details

We talk all about the groom’s style in another post HERE, but it’s so important to have all of the wedding details ready for the photographer.

Brides, this includes your wedding dress, veil, shoes, bouquet, & jewelry. Grooms, this includes your tie or bowtie, shoes, boutonniere, & pocket square,

…as well as any other accessories either of you may have on your wedding day.

(example: cigars, perfume, favorite lipstick)

We hope you enjoyed our essential wedding details shot list! We’re here to help, friends!


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