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Throughout our career, we've been blessed to have our work featured on billboards, magazine covers, and in internationally acclaimed publications such as Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, & more.

We've traveled the world doing what we love, but did we always have the business of our dreams? Definitely not. 

Real talk: in the early days we'd charge as little as $100 just to shoot weddings, and sometimes...we'd even do them for free.

So - how did we go from starving artist to breaking into the luxury wedding market? Our portfolio, of course!

husband & wife
Luxury photo + video team.


Elizabeth & George.

Ok - I just HAVE to learn more!

in case we haven't met yet...

if we only had someone back then tell us what we're about to tell you...

Oh, friend. We understand all too well where you are. 

We spent years playing the yo-yo game of...

- Raising our prices. We're worth it, right?
- Sending out pricing guide after pricing guide to new leads...only to hear nothing in return.
- Then, self-doubt would start to creep in. What if we're not worth it?

Finally, in a desperate attempt to regain self-esteem by being booked, the old pricing guide would go back out to potential clients. Sigh.

If you're here, you may have asked: "How on earth are you supposed to get out of this cycle?!" 

you would love to break into a higher price point, but every time you raise your prices...crickets.

sound familiar?

What we didn't realize back then is that we were expecting to suddenly attract clients in a different price point with a portfolio that didn't match the aesthetic of our target market.

the reality:

if you want to attract luxury clients, you have to showcase luxury work.

enough said! I'm in!

elevate your brand by teaching you how to achieve the luxury photography look that will attract your target market!

show you exactly how we went from mid-range pricing to booking our top package every time!

teach you how to create a jaw-dropping, luxury portfolio with the clients you already have!

WHAT IF one small purchase COULD:

We admit - it took many years of learning & tweaking, but we're proud to say that we have successfully gone from starving artist status to regularly booking our dream client within our target market, without lowering our prices!

Here's what 10+ years in the industry has taught us

but guess what?


a comprehensive digital guide

vip access to our education community

10+ years of business expertise

OVER 40 pages of valuable content

our comprehensive digital guide

With the click of a button, we'll be sharing with you what 10+ years of expertise has taught us! 

You'll receive:

What's included:


In chapter one, we'll talk about the importance of well curated detail shots in creating a high-end aesthetic for your portfolio. We'll go over tips & tricks to getting a luxury look, no matter what your client's budget is!

all in the details


Guess what? Achieving a high-end look doesn't juuust come from photography! There's a lot more that goes into creating that luxury vibe you're dreaming of, and it's important to educate our clients on how to achieve it!



Last but certainly not least, in chapter three we will teach you how to be intentional on a wedding day and have a focused plan for what you're wanting to achieve through the lens, rather than passively documenting what unfolds.

be intentional




the topics

"I absolutely feel like Elizabeth & George helped not only my business flourish, but also helped me thrive in this new chapter of my life as a business owner. They helped me realize my potential to launch a business that embraces my strengths, embodies my values, and most importantly, is something I’m incredibly proud of. Elizabeth & George unequivocally embody the community over competition mindset and are truly a Godsend to the creative community!"


"Elizabeth & George have helped my business transform because they  focus on the foundation of your business (you!) and work up from there, so by having a strong foundation it is much easier to build and mold all other facets. Knowing them & how much care and consideration they put into their business, I knew they could be trusted to give sound advice concerning the various facets of my business."


If you're tired of being in the yo-yo pricing rut & wish a fairy godmother would just *POOF* your way into the high-end market already...

Reality check: you can actually do this in real life! By the time you're finished with this guide, you will have all of the tools that you need to work with the clients you're already booking to create some seriously gorgeous work that will elevate your portfolio!

Well, what are we waiting for?! Let's get started!

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