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Yep... you read that right.

I was in college studying music at the time, and on a whim, decided to take a film photography class.

That's all it took, friends. I fell in love. I had been using a digital camera for most of my life, but there was just something about film & the intentionality behind each image that spoke to me.

So, what did I do? I took a huge leap of faith, scraped together my pennies for a Contax 645 before it was cool, and dropped out of school to pursue my dreams. Little did I know, there's a LOT to learn when you embark on the journey of film photography. Yikes.

college dropout
turned luxury film photographer.



i trust you, elizabeth. i'm ready!

if i only had someone back then tell me what i'm about to tell you...

Oh, friend. I understand all too well where you are. 

The light & airy, right out of a fairytale feel is calling your name. The beautiful tones and depth of focus make fine art film photography truly a work of art.

I starting shooting film in 2012, & learned so much from it. What I didn't know back then were the pros & cons to shooting film, and the true undertaking it would be. It took years of trial & error and wasted dollars to finally perfect my craft. 

you love the look of
fine art film photography, but have no idea where to start

sound familiar?

There is a huge learning curve involved; new gear, ways of shooting, & not to mention the high costs involved with buying film.

the reality:

switching to film
is not right for everyone.

enough said! I'm in!

elevate your brand by teaching you how to achieve the luxury, film photography look!

save you on all the film, shipping, & developing adds up fast!

help you produce images on your digital camera that really looks like film!

WHAT IF one small purchase COULD:

Although it took many years of learning & tweaking, I'm proud to say that we've found a method, shooting only with a digital camera, that can save you thousands of dollars & achieve the look you're dreaming of!

Here's what 10+ years in the industry has taught me

but guess what?

5D Mark iii, 50mm f 2.8


a comprehensive digital guide

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10+ years of business expertise

40 pages of valuable content

our comprehensive digital guide

With the click of a button, we'll be sharing with you what 10+ years of expertise has taught us! 

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What's included:


In our first chapter, we'll talk about the equipment & settings you will need to start shooting like a film photographer.

In the Camera


5D Mark iii, 50mm f 2.0

Shh, it's a secret! Fine art film photography is a way of shooting, not just a format! In chapter two we will discuss the process of shooting like a film photographer during a session.

During the session


5D Mark iii, 50mm f 2.0

Last but certainly not least, in chapter three we'll discuss the post processing of your images to get that beautiful film-like look. 

editing the images


5D Mark iii, 50mm f 4.0



the topics

"I wish I even had the proper words. Elizabeth & George are such a great duo, priceless and honestly a treasure to the world of photography and videography. They are so authentic in the way they do things that they don't hold anything back, and for good reason. Don't hold back; see this as an investment and know that you are allowing their family and business to grow!"


"Working with Elizabeth and George has been a wonderful experience. Their creativity shows through their work and they are a joy to be around. They have an eye for flattering posing and evoking emotions. They definitely met the expectations I was looking for which was to have a library with a variety of images and videos to share with my social media audience and website." 


If you're overwhelmed by all it takes to switch to film photography, & want to skip the hassle, costs, and learning curve...

It's our goal that by the time you're finished with this guide, you will have all of the tools that you need to go out there with your digital camera & take jaw-dropping, fine art imagery that mimics the look of medium format film! 

Well, what are we waiting for?! Let's get started!

Ready to learn?

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5D Mark iii, 50mm f 2.0

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