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I've always been a creative soul. Photography has been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember, but music was actually my biggest passion for most of my life. Let's rewind to 2011:
After over 4 years in the music department, I looked in the mirror to find nothing but a burnt out college student with a bad case of stage fright. I felt hopeless; stuck. My dreams of becoming a photographer were simply laughed at & shrugged off by family. Then... I met George.

George didn't laugh, friends. He did nothing but support me. With this newfound courage, I made the decision to revoke my admission from college and pursue my dream of becoming a photographer full time.

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meet george

Prior to meeting Elizabeth, my life was consumed for many years with late night studying & a stack of books higher than my head. I spent many years on a career path that I, at one time, had no doubt would fulfill me & lead my life, but God had other plans.  

God brought me Elizabeth. He took two people from very diverse backgrounds & incredibly different skillsets...and the sparks flew instantly. We knew that we were destined to be together. The next few years would include an uprooting from all I ever knew as I moved away for love, the most beautiful day of my life (our wedding day), and the honor of becoming a father to two incredible little girls.
Yes, God certainly had other plans. 

In 2017, I was placed at a crossroads professionally. After much discernment, I decided to take a leap of faith and put my PhD in Organizational Leadership and interpersonal skills to use in the best way possible; in partnership with my wife. 

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we're the anchor and the sail; the perfect pair. 

From the day we met, God has been working on our hearts and inspiring a lifelong devotion to one another that only continues to grow with each passing day. Both of us are far from where we once pictured ourselves, and we can't thank God enough for allowing us to follow His plan for our lives. 

Now, we have the privilege of traveling all around the globe capturing life's beauty, & encouraging others to make the courageous choice to pursue their dreams.

Thanks to our business, we enjoy a life that we love with our two beautiful girls, & a work-life balance that couldn't be found anywhere else! We're so excited to get to know you more!


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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

-Aaron Siskind

"Heather was a joy to work with on my website’s rebranding needs by getting to know my own personal style and executing it in a way that was cohesive with my vision"

-lauren shaver

"Working with Heather was a DREAM! She was able to turn my jumbled vision into a beautiful, user-friendly design that highlights my content in a stunning way."

-rachel conners

"Her graphic and web design expertise is unparalleled -- truly, she is in a league of her own."

-Lindsay Staniszewski

"Her style sensibility, her architectural practicality, & incredible communication are the bomb. I LOVE Heather and I absolutely love the product she created."

-caroline buia

"Great Design Intuition & Implementation"

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